The majority of the roads in Southampton are public highways maintainable at the public expense. These roads are cleaned, lit and repaired by Southampton City Council and are referred to as adopted roads.

Road adoptions map

The remaining roads are private streets or private roads. Maintenance of these roads is the responsibility of the adjacent landowners whose property fronts onto the private streets or private roads. The public has the right to use private streets even though they are not maintained by the council.

The process of changing the legal status of a road to that of public highway maintainable at the public expense is referred to as road adoption.

New roads that have been constructed in accordance with the council’s guidelines are normally adopted by way of an agreement between the developer and the council. Existing roads will not be adopted unless they are first brought up to current standards by the owner of the road.

For further information about road adoption or to make an application please call 023 8083 3008.