Westgate Hall - your questions answered

Inside Westgate Hall

How many guests am I allowed at Westgate Hall? SHOW

What happens if I arrive late? SHOW

What time do we need to arrive? SHOW

How does the parking work? SHOW

Is there a lift for my guests to use? SHOW

How big is the lift? SHOW

Are there toilet and baby changing facilities available? SHOW

Can I bring anything to decorate the ceremony room? SHOW

How does the music work? Do I need to bring a device? SHOW

I would like to hire a harpist. Can the harp get to the ceremony room easily? SHOW

Can we take photographs or make a video recording of the ceremony? SHOW

Why can I not have anything religious in my ceremony? SHOW

Can I have a religious blessing as part of the ceremony? SHOW

What traditions can I have as part of my ceremony? SHOW

Who can be my witnesses? SHOW

Can we throw confetti or rice? SHOW

Can my flower girl scatter petals down the aisle? SHOW

Can I bring my pet? SHOW

Cheers! I would like to toast our future with a bottle of bubbly. Is this ok? SHOW

What about certificates? SHOW

And finally...

If you are worried about the ceremony and would like to discuss it in more detail you are welcome to book a pre-ceremony consultation with one of our experienced registrars. Many couples feel reassured by discussing the details that are important to them before the day.