Your consent for sharing information

This page explains when and why we need to share information about you from your social care records with other organisations. It explains how you can give your consent for us to do this, or how you can refuse.

Giving your information to other organisations

Sometimes we need to give details about you and your situation to other organisations.

We may be asking them to provide a service for you, or we may need information about you. We usually need your consent to do this, but sometimes we may ask without your permission.

Organisations can only use the information for the specific purpose we have agreed with them. Their staff members are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as we are.

We record the date and the information, that has been given to other organisations, in your file.

We will ask you to sign a form allowing us to give details from your file to any relevant organisation.

Can I refuse to give my consent? 

You can refuse to allow us to give information about you to any other organisation.

If you decide not to give your consent this may make it impossible for us to provide the services you need, and we will discuss this with you.

There is some information we are obliged (under certain circumstances) to pass on, whether you give your consent or not. This may include information that:

  • Is required by the courts
  • Relates to a crime
  • Is needed by the police to investigate a crime or to prosecute
  • To protect children

We always take legal advice if we are asked for information by the courts or the police.