Pastimes and hobbies

Fun times

Please see below for some ideas and examples of pastimes and hobbies that you could try:

  • Many libraries have book reading resources online
  • Listening to music
  • Cooking and baking
  • Playing games - board games, games on your phone, puzzles (e.g. Sudoku)
  • Organise virtual gatherings with your friends using online platforms. Examples are Zoom and House Party
  • The Organised Mum Method (Team TOMM) have a boot camp where you can follow their method to organise your home! 
  • Do the jobs you have always been meaning to do – organise photos, sort out the drawer you have been meaning to organise
  • Gardening
  • Take a long bath, and do the other things you never get a chance to do in your normal busy life
  • Learn a craft on YouTube
  • Singing – many choirs meet for free online – for example, Sofa Singers
  • Start a Bullet Journal - for example, see Good Housekeeping
  • Try guided sleep meditation, for example, the Honest Guys on YouTube
  • Action for Happiness which includes their 10 keys to happier living