What to expect when you leave hospital

Why do I need to leave hospital?

While a hospital is a good place to be when you are very unwell, your health and social care team have agreed that you no longer need hospital care.

Staying in hospital longer than you need to increases the risk of you picking up an infection, losing some of your mobility and possibly losing confidence in your ability to live independently.

The health and social care team will help you so your recovery can happen in the right place.

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What happens when I leave hospital? SHOW

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Who can I contact if I have any queries?

If you’ve been referred to a particular service, the team will give you contact details. If not, here are some helpful numbers:

Within 48 hours of discharge

Contact the Discharge Hub Team

  • Monday–Friday 8.30am–5pm
  • Weekends and Bank Holidays 8.30am-4.30pm

Telephone: 023 8103 1865

After 48 hours of discharge

Adult Social Care Connect (24/7)

Telephone: 023 8083 3003