Direct Payments

What is a Direct Payment?

Direct Payments offer you more choice and control over how your support is provided and who provides it. You can make changes to your care and support to suit you. Through direct payments you can decide to employ your own carers. If you employ staff directly these are called personal assistants. The Direct Payment Support Service can help with all aspects of recruiting and employing personal assistants.

We will arrange for a social care assessment and a financial assessment. The law says that any financial support that we give you must be means-tested.

If you are worried about managing the direct payment yourself, you can request a ‘nominated person’ to help you.

If you have difficulty making decisions about your care and support needs or managing money to pay for your care, we will complete further assessments and identify a ‘suitable person’ to receive the direct payment.

We will set up an allpay bank account for you and a debit card will be issued. You can use the card in person, over the telephone or to buy things online. It’s safe, secure and convenient and is easier than withdrawing cash.

Direct payments are tax free and will not affect any benefits you may be receiving.

It is important that the direct payments are spent as agreed in your care and support plan. We will review the information from the allpay account and will write to you to request information about how the money is spent on your care and support needs.

You can find out more information about the Allpay bank account/card and how direct payments can help you via our FAQs sheet. We also provide a direct payments leaflet with information on how to set up your direct payment, as well as further contact information. Enham Trust can also provide further support and advice.