Housing with care

The housing with care schemes in Southampton provide the security and privacy of your own home alongside a range of facilities and support on the premises, with 24-hour care provision if you require it.

You may be thinking about moving or having to leave your own home because of life changes or health problems, or simply because you are not happy where you live now. Housing with care can provide you with comfort, independence, support and care both now and in the coming years.

How is housing with care different from residential care?

  • You are living in your home – not in residential care
  • You have your own front door – you decide who comes in
  • Not everyone has high care needs - in housing with care, there is a balance
  • 24 hour care services are available if you require them
  • You get help and support to maintain your independence
  • You can join in social activities – or choose not to and remain more private
  • You have security of tenure – the aim is a home for life

Southampton City Council has six housing with care schemes:

  • Rozel Court (14 flats designated as housing with care)
  • Manston Court (61 flats)
  • Erskine Court (54 flats)
  • Potters Court (83 flats)
  • The Graylings (8 flats)
  • Rosebrook Court (23 rental flats), in partnership with Saxon Weald Housing Association, with care provided by AQS

Frequently asked questions about housing with care

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