Join the Housing Register

Demand for social housing in Southampton far exceeds supply.

The council is not able to help everyone who applies. Applicants must consider alternative housing options in addition to the housing register (for example renting privately, living with family, renting a room, low cost home ownership).

The Housing Register

To be considered for a council property you must join the Housing Register.

Not everyone qualifies to join the Housing Register. If you do qualify, you will be added to a waiting list but are not guaranteed a property.

Once on the Housing Register, the council use a 'points' based system to decide who is offered housing. Points are based on housing need.

The length of time you will wait for a property depends on a number of factors such as the type and size of accommodation you need.

It will be difficult to give you an accurate prediction of when you will be housed however the majority of people will wait several years.

Find out more about our points-based allocation system

Before you apply

To be eligible to join the Housing Register, you must:

  • Currently live in Southampton

    There are provisions in place for social housing tenants (Council and Housing Association) who don't yet live in Southampton but need to move to Southampton to take up an offer of employment in the City, or to move closer to existing employment in the City.

    If you think you are covered by these provisions, please contact Housing Allocations at

  • Have lived in Southampton for three years

    You are only eligible to join the Housing Register if you have lived in the City for three continuous years (add) at the point of applying.

  • Be over 18

    You are only eligible to join the Housing Register if you are 18.

    If you are under 18 and at risk of becoming homeless, or if it is not safe for you to stay where you are, there is advice and help available; contact Homelessness Advice at or phone on 023 8083 2327

  • Not own a residential property, in the UK or abroad
  • Not be subject to immigration control

    The law says that the Council cannot allocate housing to people who are subject to immigration control – including asylum seekers, those who have been refused leave to remain in the country and those with no recourse to public funds

Apply to join the Housing Register

If you are sure that you are eligible to join the Housing Register, please apply now using the online form below.

Please be advised that we will require your full address history for the last 5 years. We will not be able to proceed with your application without this information.

We will also need to know whether you or anyone else in the application has ever previously been, or is currently, a council or Housing Association tenant.

You will also be asked for the following personal, financial information:

  • Household gross income per month (income you receive before tax, pension and any other deductions)

  • Household's savings and investments

  • Information regarding where the main part of your income comes from

Apply to join the housing register