Apply for a blue plaque

Southampton City Council adopted its Blue Plaque Scheme in conjunction with Historic England in 1999. Since then, seven blue plaques have been erected across Southampton.

Under the scheme, blue plaques are fixed to buildings to commemorate famous people who either lived in or were associated with them.

Who gets a blue plaque?

Blue plaques are reserved for famous people who have had an impact on society. If you want to nominate someone for a blue plaque they must fit one of the following criteria

  • The person is renowned by a majority of members of their profession or calling
  • They have made some important positive contribution to human welfare or happiness
  • They have such an exceptional and outstanding personality that a well-informed passer-by would immediately recognise their name
  • They deserve recognition because of their contribution or place in the history of Southampton

If you are applying for a blue plaque for a foreign national they must fit one of the following criteria

  • Their time in Southampton was a significant period within their life or work
  • They contributed significantly to the history of Southampton

Before you apply

If you are interested in applying for a blue plaque, there are some things that may be useful for you to know.

Using this guidance may give your nomination a better chance of being accepted or make the process easier.

  • A famous person will not be considered until they have been dead for twenty years, or until the centenary of their birth, whichever is earliest
  • Check the list of blue plaques in Southampton to make sure the person hasn't already been commemorated
  • The building or site must be associated with the famous person the plaque is commemorating
  • Plaques may need planning permission and agreement from the owner of the building
  • Plaques will be manufactured and erected at the expense of the proposer (which may be Southampton City Council itself)

If you are applying for a blue plaque for a foreign national

  • The form of name, forename or title in the inscription on the plaque should be in accordance with standard English, or easily recognisable to a well-informed passer-by

How to apply

Any enquiries about putting up a blue plaque in Southampton should be emailed to