Blue plaques around Southampton

Emily Davies Blue Plaque

Plaques have been erected all over Southampton to commemorate famous or well-loved people who have contributed significantly to Britain and Southampton's history.

Seven of these plaques were put up as part of Southampton's Blue Plaque Scheme in partnership with Historic England, these are listed in the table below.

Southampton City Council and Historic England Blue Plaque Scheme

Date of plaque Person commemorated Lived between Reason for plaque Address of plaque
July 2004 Roy Chadwick 1893-1947 Designer of the Lancaster and Vulcan bomber aircraft lived here 1922-1929

38 Chessel Avenue
SO19 4DX

July 2004 Herbert Collins 1885-1975 Architect of suburbia lived here

38 Brookvale Road
SO17 1QR

July 2004 Emily Davies 1830-1921 Campaigner for women's education was born here

6 Carlton Crescent
SO15 2EY

July 2004 Sir Henry James 1803-1877 Director General of the Ordnance Survey lived here 1803-1877 The Director General's House
Rockstone Place
SO15 2EP
July 2004 John Jellicoe, 1st Earl Jellicoe 1859-1935 Admiral of the fleet was born here

1 Cranbury Place
SO14 0LG

September 2005 R.J Mitchell 1895-1937 Designer of the Supermarine Spitfire lived here 1927-1937

2 Russell Place
SO17 1NU

  Sir Edward Penley Abraham 1913-1999 Developer of antibiotics was born here

47 Southview Road
SO15 5JD


Many other plaques have been put up by friends, family and fans of Southampton's most influential people and historic places. Download the list below for details of some of the other plaques around Southampton.

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