What size is my Bulky Waste item?

The bulky waste collection service is for getting rid of large household items which can't be disposed of through domestic waste collections. This service is only available to residents of the city. Bulky items, such as trampolines must be dismantled before collection.

Type of item Charge
Standard £12
Large (L) £23
Extra Large (X) £34

Use the field below to check whether an item is standard, large or extra large.

Item Type of item
Animal cage Standard
Baby bath Standard
Baby walker Standard
Bag of clothes Standard
Bag of rubbish Standard
Basin Large
Basket Standard
Bath Extra large
Bath panel Standard
Bath seat Standard
BBQ Large
Bean bag Standard
Bed base - double Large
Bed base - larger than double Extra large
Bed base - single Standard
Bedside units Standard
Bench - large than 2 seater Extra large
Bench - standard 2 seater Standard
Bicycle Standard
Bin Standard
Blind Standard
Bookcase - larger than 1m x 1m Extra large
Bookcase -smaller than 1m x 1m Standard
Broom Standard
Bureau Large
Cabinet Large
Car seat Large
Cardboard Standard
Carpet cleaner Standard
Carpet/lino - cut into 2 rolls Standard
Carpet/lino - cut into 2-4 rolls Large
Carpet/lino - cut into 4+rolls Extra large
Chair - larger than table chair ie recliner Large
Chair - table size Standard
Chest Standard
Chest of drawers - 3+ drawers Large
Chest of drawers - up to 3 drawers Standard
Christmas tree Standard
Cistern and toilet Large
Climbing frame - dismantled Large
Clothes airer Standard
Coffee maker Standard
Compost bin Standard
Computer Standard
Computer stand Large
Cooker Large
Cooker (Aga/range style) Extra large
Corner unit Large
Cot Standard
Cross trainer - not to include a concrete base Large
Cupboard Large
Curtain rail Standard
Cushions Standard
Deep fat fryer Standard
Desk Large
Dishwasher Large
Display unit - 3 doors or more Large
Display unit - up to 3 doors Standard
Dog crate Standard
Dog kennel Large
Dolls house Standard
Door Large
Door runner Standard
Drawers Standard
Dressing table - 4 drawers or more Large
Dressing table - up to 4 drawers Standard
Drill Standard
Drum kit Large
Dustbin Standard
Duvet Standard
DVD player Standard
Electric motor Standard
Exercise equipment - multi gym, running machine, exercise bike (nothing with concrete base) Large
Fan Standard
Fan heater Standard
Fence post Standard
Filing cabinet -3 drawers or more Large
Fire Standard
Fire pit Standard
Fireplace surround Large
Fish tank Standard
Foot stand Standard
Fridge/freezer - American style Extra large
Fridge/freezer Large
Futon Large
Garden ornament Standard
Gas fire Large
Gate Large
Glass top Standard
Headboard - double or smaller Standard
Headboard - larger than double Large
Heater, storage - bricks must be removed Large
Hoover Standard
Hosepipe Standard
Iron Standard
Ironing board Standard
Kettle Standard
Kitchen unit Large
Ladder Large
Lawn mower Large
Mat Standard
Mattress - double Large
Mattress - larger than double Extra large
Mattress - single Standard
Metal bars Standard
Metal unit Large
Microwave Standard
Mirror Standard
Mop Standard
Netball frame Large
Ottoman Large
Paddling pool Large
Paint tray Standard
Pallet Large
Pane of glass Large
Picture Standard
Pipes Standard
Plastic strips Standard
Plastic unit Standard
Plastic wire Standard
Play pen Standard
Polystyrene Standard
Pond Large
Pool table Large
Pot Standard
Pram Standard
Printer Standard
Push chair Standard
Rabbit hutch Large
Radiator - double Large
Radio Standard
Road cones Standard
Roller blind Standard
Roof rack Standard
Rug Standard
Sacks Standard
Sand pit Standard
Satellite dish Standard
Scaffold board Large
Scales Standard
Sewing machine Standard
Shelves Standard
Shoe rack Standard
Shopping trolley - excluding supermarket Standard
Shower enclosure Large
Shower tray Large
Shredder Standard
Sideboard Large
Sign Standard
Sink Standard
Sky box Standard
Slide Large
Sofa - more than three seater Extra large
Sofa - two seater Standard
Sofa - three seater Large
Spade Standard
Speakers Standard
Spin dryer Large
Stair gate Standard
Standard lamp Standard
Stereo Standard
Stool Standard
Storage heater - bricks must be removed Large
Strimmer Standard
Suitcase Standard
Sun lounger Large
Surf board Large
Swing Large
Table Large
Table - smaller than a dining room table Standard
Table football Large
Tape recorder Standard
Tarpaulin Standard
Tea chest Standard
Television Large
Toilet Standard
Toys Standard
Trampoline - please dismantle before collection. Large
Tray Standard
Trolley Standard
Tumble dryer Large
TV unit Large
Typewriter Standard
Vanity unit Standard
Video recorder Standard
Walking frame Standard
Wall unit Large
Wardrobe Large
Washing basket Standard
Washing line Standard
Washing machine Large
Water butt Standard
Water feature Standard
Weight board Standard
Wheel Large
Wheel barrow Large
Wheelchair Large
Wicker trunk Large
Wine rack Standard
Wire Standard
Wood planks Large
Work bench - dimension of 200mm or more Large
Work top (not stone or granite and under 3m in length) Large

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