There are many myths and misunderstandings about recycling in Southampton and the UK. We've put together this 'mythbusting' page to help you understand the truth about recycling in your local area.

Please visit the Hampshire County Council website for more information.

Recycling paper

Paper should be recycled locally to provide electricity SHOW

Paper is burnt/landfilled when it gets to China SHOW

You can only recycle paper a few times SHOW

Sending material abroad

Sending material to China for recycling is a waste of money and energy SHOW

Why do we send material abroad for recycling, there is adequate UK provision for paper recycling? SHOW

Recycling uses more energy than it saves SHOW

Recycling cans and glass

Recycled glass is worse quality than other glass SHOW

Do I have to wash cans and bottles before recycling? SHOW

Rinsing out recyclables uses up more energy than the item being recycled SHOW

Recycling metal uses more energy than extracting the raw material in the first place SHOW

Other recycling

There are lots of places that take cartons to be recycled in the UK SHOW