Corrections and re-registrations

Corrections to a birth, death or marriage registration when incorrect information is recorded in the register

It is essential that when registering a birth, death, marriage or civil partnership you check the register entry for accuracy. A fee is now payable for corrections to be considered.

How do I apply for a correction?

You will need to complete an application form and you will need to prove that the information given at the time of the registration was wrong. The original documents that show what the correct information should have been will need to accompany your application.

These will be returned to you once we have taken copies. Depending on the nature of the correction, your application may need to be submitted to the General Register Office for their consideration. You will be informed by the registrar if this is the case. The registrar will advise you at the time of your application if an appointment will be necessary and what supporting documents will need to be submitted.

When will I know if a correction has been approved?

We aim to advise you if the correction has been approved within six weeks.


With effect from 28 May 2024, a non-refundable fee of up to £99 is payable for corrections to be considered. You will also be required to purchase new certificates at a cost of £12.50 each.

Changes to birth registrations

Changes may be made to birth registrations in the following circumstances

  • To remove the wrong father's details from a birth registration
  • To re-register the birth if the natural parents get married after the birth. You will need to contact the Register Office to make an appointment to do this
  • To add the father’s name to a birth registration. You will need to contact the Register Office to make an appointment to do this
  • To change a forename, the law allows for a change to a child's forenames (only) to be added to the birth register within 12 months of the birth registration. This may be that the new forenames were given either in baptism or you have changed your mind. Forename changes may only be made once in the birth register. If your child has been baptised within 12 months of the birth registration, only the baptismal names may be added to the register and not another name of your choice
    • There is a non-refundable fee of £44 for this facility, plus the cost of new certificates of up to £12.50 each. The new name will show in space 17 of the registration only

Please request an application form from the Register Office by completing the email contact form, stating if you require a baptism or change of name form. You will be required to provide the original certificates with your application.

You do not need an appointment to do this. Payment must be made when you submit your application. You can order new certificates online, once the correction/amendment has been authorised.