Other church/registered building registers

The registers listed below are held at Bugle Street. If the last entry does not relate to the certificate date you are looking for you will need to apply to the church directly for a copy of your certificate.

AP number Name of church
AP01 United Reform Church, St Andrew's, The Avenue
AP03 Methodist Church, St James Road, Shirley
AP04 Methodist Church, Whites Road, Bitterne
AP05 Above Bar Church, Portswood
AP06 Baptist Church, Church Street, Shirley
AP07 Methodist Chruch, Manor Road, Woolston
AP08 Methodist Church, Burgess Road, Swaythling
AP09 United Reform Church, Bitterne Park, Cobden Avenue
AP10 St Andrews Methodist Church, South East Road, Sholing
AP11 United Reform Church Freemantle, Shirley Road
AP12 Methodist Church, Northam Union Road
AP13 Methodist Church, Wimpson Lane, Severn Road,Millbrook
AP14 United Reform Church, Isaac Watts, Winchester Road
AP15 Portswood Church, Portswood
AP16 Baptist Church, Thornhill
AP16A St Clements Church, Regents Park
AP17 St Patricks Roman Catholic School, Woolston
AP18 Holy Family Roman Catholic Church, Redbridge Hill
AP19 St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Bugle Street
AP34 Baptist Church, Bitterne Park, Bitterne
AP36 St Vincent De Paul Roman Catholic Church, Lordswood
AP37 Baptist Church, Fleming Road, Swaythling
AP38 Millbrook Christian Church, Millbrook
AP40 Baptist Church, Shirley Warren
AP41 Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church, Portswood
AP42 Latterday Saints, Chetwyn Road
AP45 Baptist Church Central, Devonshire and Kenilworth Roads
AP46 St Edmunds Roman Catholic Church, The Avenue
AP47 Kingdom Hall, Portswood Road
AP49 Elim Tabernacle, Park Road
AP50 Salvation Army, Northeast Road, Sholing
AP51 St Boniface Roman Catholic Church, Shirley
AP52 Freemantle Baptist Church, Testwood Road
AP53 Baptist Sholing, Middle Road
AP54 Christ The King Roman Catholic Church, Bitterne
AP56 Bitterne Gospel Hall (No Longer AP)
AP57 Sikhs, Peterborough Road
AP58 Kings Church, Coxford Road, Lordswood
AP61 Latter Day Saints, Thornhill
AP62 Kingdom Hall, Shirley
AP63 Kingdom Hall, Woolston
AP64 Kingdom Hall, Somerset Avenue
AP65 Sikhs, St Marks Road
AP65/12 Sikh Temple Siri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib, St Marks Road
AP66 United Reformed Church, Pear Tree Green
AP67 United Reformed Church, Bitterne (No Longer AP), Bitterne Road
AP68 Sikhs, Northumberland/Onslow Road
AP71 Hindu Temple, Radcliffe Road
AP72 Augustine Centre, Riverside Family
AP74 Lordshill Church
AP75 Central Hall
AP76 New Testament
AP77 Covenant Life Ministries