Hackney carriage documents

Guidance and forms for hackney carriages.

The council has adopted a taxi policy. Appendix 1 of that policy details the policy and conditions for hackney carriage licences, including a requirement for at least a  basic DBS check of all those named on the licence to be supplied.

The council is required by law to maintain a public register of hackney carriage driver licences. The council publishes this register as it considers that there is public interest in making the register available online. The register is required to contain the name of the licence holder.

If you feel that the publication of your information on the online version of the register adversely affects your interests, rights, and freedoms, you can raise an objection to this. Details of how to raise an objection can be found on the council’s website.

Document Type Size
Vehicle Application Guidance html N/A
Taxi and Private Hire change of vehicle docx 42.1 KB
Change of address form docx 47.2 KB
Hackney Carriage and Private Hire fees pdf 122.4 KB
ABP Docks Permit application docx 41.0 KB
Byelaw 43 - Hackney Carriages and Motor Vehicles Let for Hire 1970 - annotated pdf 63.4 KB
Taximeter fitter contact details html N/A
Accident Report Form docx 338.5 KB