Play equipment recommendations

This page provides information about general resources that you might find useful to have in your childcare setting when caring for children or young people.

Basic Play Equipment

When setting up a childcare provision it is important to have an idea of the core equipment you may need to purchase. The following list contains just a few ideas you may need to consider:

  • Tables and chairs - check to make sure you have the appropriate sized furniture (for adults and children) depending on the age range you intend to cater for (all groups will require different sized furniture).
  • Storage - it is important to have good storage facilities for your equipment and resources, these will vary depending on your location but you should consider units that are both accessible and some should be lockable. Some appropriate storage at the children's height for accessible resources is preferable.
  • Fridge - Although you may be able to share a fridge it is important that the club has access to one in order to store food and drinks.
  • Catering Equipment - Cutlery and crockery (including pots / plans for cooking if providing meals). Again you may be able to share with other users but ensure you have enough for your max occupancy.
  • Health and Safety Equipment - fire extinguishers, evacuation bags etc. (Check with a Development and Regulation Advisor for the essentials required by Ofsted).

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