Funding for 2-year-olds

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Nursery funding for 2-year-olds

From April 2024 working parents of 2-year-olds who qualify for extended funding may be entitled to up to 15 hours of funded childcare, for 38 weeks of the year (or fewer hours over more weeks).

Parents of a 2-year-old (or child coming up to 2) who receive certain benefits or meet other criteria, may be eligible for up to 15 hours in any week (maximum of 570 hours for a full year) of early education. Which can be used with a childminder, or in a pre-school or day nursery.

The entitlement starts the term after your child’s second birthday. It is for 15 hours per week over 38 weeks or 570 hours over a year. Parents have the option to take the 15 hours per week in a more flexible way to suit their individual needs. Parents should discuss this further with the provider of their choice.

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