What is the Youth Offending Service?

Southampton Youth Offending Service provides support and interventions to a range of individuals. These are mostly young people aged 10 to 17 who have committed criminal offences. Our work reaches a range of people involved in or affected by youth crime.

Youth justice services we deliver include:

  • Preventative work to reduce the number of young people in the criminal justice system
  • Professional advice and the preparation of reports for court
  • Assessment and supervision of young offenders
  • Support for parents of young offenders
  • Restorative work between offenders and the victims of youth crime

We are overseen by a management board which:

  • Coordinates the provision of youth justice services
  • Consists of appropriate representatives who attend and participate in meetings
  • Ensures the provision of accurate and timely data returns, for its own use and for the national Youth Justice Board

Each youth offending team in England and Wales must set its priorities in a Youth Justice Strategic Plan: