Southampton Coastal Flood and Erosion Risk Management Strategy

View of Southampton water

The Southampton Coastal Flood and Erosion Risk Management Strategy (2012) is a non-statutory document with a main focus on the long term management of the 22km stretch of the city’s coastline spanning from Woodmill to Redbridge. The strategy provided the basis for the River Itchen Flood Alleviation Scheme as it highlighted the west bank of the River Itchen as current and future risk from tidal flooding.

The strategy’s objectives are:

  • To manage coastal erosion and flooding through appropriate sustainable measures
  • To incorporate robust solutions using existing defence corridors or features, staying in line with the ‘City Vision’
  • Increase the potential for recreation and tourism
  • Provide a blueprint for future monitoring and programming of maintenance works
  • Increase understanding of the shoreline and to focus consultations in a strategic manner
  • Deliver synergistic benefits to the city through consolidating and building upon information gathered within higher level plans
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