Bird infestations

Bird proofing being installed

Please note

We provide this bird control service for commercial customers only.

Call us on 023 8083 3669 if you have any issues with pigeons or require a quotation.

Services offered for businesses

The Pest Control Service can offer advice and corrective solutions when dealing with pigeon problems. The team has years of experience in the safe removal of pigeon faeces and the installation of control measures even in hard to reach places.

We have trained licensed Pest Control Officers able to use access platforms for hard to reach places.

Some of the control methods we offer are:

  • Netting (balconies, roof voids, air conditioning units and open access areas)
  • Spiking (pipes, canopies and ledges)
  • Installation of Bird Free Optical Gel
  • Trapping (with live traps)
  • Discreet culling programs (inside buildings, car parks only)

Reasons for control

  • Pigeons can carry disease such as salmonellosis, ornithosis bacteria in faeces can pose a serious health risk if not treated properly
  • Droppings are corrosive to masonry and paintwork can cause structural damage to buildings and vehicles over time
  • Nesting materials can block guttering and down pipes causing water damage to property
  • Contamination of air conditioning/ventilation systems supplies and equipment by guano (pigeon faeces)
  • Reduce the risk of slips and trips on walkways and human contact with guano

Anyone removing bird droppings carry a risk of inhaling dust particles containing microorganisms which cause ornithosis and many other serious diseases. The council's Pest Control team are trained and experienced in the safe removal of bird debris, using specialist disinfectants and insecticides to make areas safe.

All bird waste is treated as hazardous waste and disposed of safely.