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Your community needs you! Southampton LOVES Local aims to encourage our citizens to shop local, whether that’s with our local independent businesses or just in person in the huge variety of shops we have in Southampton. Select the icons below to find out how this benefits you and your community.

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Community benefits

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Consumer benefits

Investing in your local community – Shopping locally helps the businesses that you shop in, and it also supports the local economy and community, retaining wealth locally, a key objective of Southampton Pound, and creating prosperity for all. Important decisions are made by people in the community who understand and feel the impact of those decisions.

Support local jobs – shopping locally supports employment locally, often this helps young people get their first job and also means less travel for workers.

Community identity – Independent local businesses help to shape the identity of an area. Vibrant, colourful, and unique shops will attract visitors and make the community a more popular and financially healthier place to live and work.

Charity happens in the High Street – Local businesses will often support local charities, often with particular relevance to the community, and by shopping locally, you help to support local charities as well.

Investing in independent businesses – Independent businesses often bring something uniquely characterful to a community and voting with our wallets shows how much.

It’s better for the environment – Shopping locally can make it more likely to walk or cycle, and locally sourced products and produce will likely have less of a carbon footprint, altogether much better for the environment.

Expertise – Your local independent businesses are more invested in their products and services and more able to provide you with tailored advice.

A better shopping experience – Local businesses are often run by local people, meaning friendly faces, personality and the opportunity to build relationships and community spirit.

Uniqueness – Locally produced items provide a great range of choice, bringing originality and variety to communities and often can be unique, carrying the style of their maker with them.

Innovation – Independent businesses are where innovation often happens.

Great deals – Local businesses often have great deals, delivering value for money.

Quality products – Local businesses are also likely to invest in high quality products.

Sustainability – Locally produced items and food are more likely to be sustainably sourced.

Better purchasing decisions – It’s easy to buy things on impulse, but by thinking about shopping locally, you’re already making better purchasing decisions and that’s carried through into avoiding items that you didn’t set out it buy.

It’s better for you – Walking or cycling to shop local is better for your health and wellbeing.

It’s convenient – convenience plays a huge part in all our lives, and it’s a time saver to be able to pop to the local shop.

If things go wrong – You've someone that you can talk to face-to-face to take care of things if they go wrong.