Wellbeing@Work - looking after your staff

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COVID-19 - the Wellbeing@Work newsletters will help you support your own and your team's health and wellbeing during these extra-challenging times.

Why is it important to invest in employee wellbeing?

When you look after your people, your people look after your business

  • Healthier means less sickness absenceWellness
  • Happier means more motivated
  • Engaged means more productive
  • Supported means innovative
  • Valued means retaining key talent

Make health and wellbeing part of your business culture and success

  • Develop your own action plan to become a recognised Wellbeing@Work Employer with access to a network of local Wellbeing Champions
  • Join the Wellbeing@Work newsletter mailing list to receive monthly workplace wellbeing information and ideas

Encourage your staff to be healthier and happier

Wellbeing@Work is a free service from Southampton City Council.

Want to know more? You can start a conversation by emailing wellbeingatwork@southampton.gov.uk