Street homelessness

We aim to minimise the need for anyone to resort to sleeping rough. In order to achieve this, our aims are

  • To meet and support individuals, in Southampton, who are street homeless or are imminently at risk of street homelessness
  • To assist people sleeping rough to exit a street lifestyle by accessing appropriate services to meet their needs
  • To support individuals in the positive choices they make that prevent them from returning to the street
  • To reconnect people, where appropriate, to their local area so that they can access the most appropriate services to meet their needs

You can contact us

Have you seen someone sleeping rough?

If you would like to report someone you have seen sleeping rough, you can email us at

We need to know

  • The location of the rough sleeper
  • Dates and times you have seen the person here
  • Your contact details in case we need to contact you for further information

Helping the homeless

Whether it's offering your time, giving practical items, making a donation or help change policies - there is lots you can do to make a difference. Find out what you can do to help by visiting the Street Support Network website.

If you require help the the Street Support Network can help you find local services to help you get what you need.