Fences and gates

Responsibilities for fences and gates

Fences and gates are the responsibility of our tenants, with a few exceptions.

  • If they border public areas such as a main road, park, public footpath, cut way or a garage block. We will also look after any fences and gates in our communal areas (e.g. to the car park of a block of flats).

  • If a fence is between a council tenant and an owner occupier or private tenant we will need to look at the property deeds to see whose responsibility it is.

  • Those between neighbours who are both our tenants are the responsibility of those tenants.

If you have any queries concerning fences or gates contact your housing office.

When do I need the council’s written permission?

It is a condition of your tenancy agreement - clause 3.6(d) - that you must get written permission from us before you erect, alter or remove a fence, hedge or boundary wall.

Email: permission.requests@southampton.gov.uk

We will not unreasonably refuse permission. You may also need planning permission to do this work.

Boundary disputes between neighbours

The boundary to your garden or yard is as determined by us. In any dispute regarding where the boundary is our decision is final.