eBooks & eAudiobooks

eBooks and eAudiobooks are electronic versions of books and audiobooks, members can read and listen to books online through a service called Borrowbox.
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Borrowbox provides access to eBooks and eAudiobooks, you can download up to 6 of each for free for 21 days. Any reservations you make count as part of your 6 items. This is because we transfer your reserved items into your borrowed items when they’re available.

There are no charges for using the service, making reservations and no overdue fees. If you haven’t returned items by the time they’re due, you’ll no longer have access to them. If there are no outstanding reservations you will be given the chance to renew items on loan. You will need your borrower number and pin to access this service.

Listen to eAudiobooks and read eBooks on your portable device, tablet, or phone using the Borrowbox App. The app is available for Apple, Android and Kindle Fire devices.

Get the Borrowbox app from the Apple App Store
Get the Borrowbox app from the Google Play store
Get the Borrowbox app from the Amazon App store

Alternatively download direct to your PC/laptop/Mac and transfer to an eReader or MP3 player.

Download your eAudiobooks to iTunes or Windows Media Player on your home computer and transfer to your MP3 player. No additional software is required.

For eBooks you will need Adobe Digital Editions software.

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