Southern Water partnership

We can’t afford to waste water!

We have partnered with Southern Water to help us all to improve water efficiency in Southampton. We can all make simple changes to reduce the amount of water we all use, preventing shortages and reducing our bills.

As part of the Green City Plan, we want to tackle climate change, help to save you money and reduce our impact on the environment.

Did you know the water we rely on comes from rivers? We need to protect them and use less of this valuable resource. Here are some simple tips that can help us to reduce the amount of water we use every day.

  • Take the four-minute shower challenge - switch from a bath to a shower and save around £60 a year on your bill 
  • Never wash up again - modern dishwashers use less water than washing up by hand, as long as it's full up before you switch it on
  • Brush your teeth with your tap off - you'll save six litres of water a minute - that's 35 cups of tea!
  • Can your sprinkler - a sprinkler can use 1,000 litres of water an hour - more than an average family of four uses in two days! Switch to a watering can
  • Plants love secondhand water - washed the veggies or dishes? Don't throw it away, why not water your house plants?

To find out more about using less visit Southern Water.