Southampton Healthy Homes – free help and advice

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We want to make sure every Southampton resident lives in a good quality, safe and warm home. To achieve this, we work with a local charity called the Environment Centre (tEC), to support vulnerable households who may have concerns about keeping warm.

Advisors at the tEC work directly with residents to:

  • Access funding for home energy upgrades, such as heating improvements, insulation and draught proofing from schemes like Warmer Homes
  • Investigate the cause(s) of high energy bills
  • Suggest ways to reduce energy use and costs, tailored to their individual circumstances
  • Contact energy suppliers or other organisations for support if residents are at risk of going off-supply
  • Apply for energy and water bill discounts
  • Advise on how best to mitigate condensation and damp

If you’d like to discuss any of the topics above and find out how you could benefit from the scheme, call 0800 804 8601 or email