Community Fund

The Community Fund is now open for applications.

In alignment with Southampton City Council’s key priorities, this fund offers three new grant funding opportunities that will support community groups and organisations in the delivery of youth and diversionary activities, and environmental changes related to the incidence of anti-social behaviour, promoting safety and security in our neighbourhoods and communities.

The Community Fund is split into three component schemes:

Strengthening Communities Fund - £40,000 over two years will be awarded to support bids for local campaigns or projects that can help tackle crime and anti-social behaviour, and to help engage neighbours/residents in communities by joining or starting local groups or associations etc. to strengthen their role in the city. A maximum amount of £2,000 can be awarded per applicant.

Protecting Communities Fund - £100,000 across two years will be made available to support capital works which combat crime and anti-social behaviour. E.g. the removal or installation of physical assets to prevent crime. Applications for this fund must be supported by ward councillors.

Youth Fund - £280,000 across two years (2021-2023) will be awarded to support youth groups, sports groups, charities etc. in bids for time limited projects or seed funding for long-term initiatives to engage with youth to address anti-social behaviour. A maximum amount of £20,000 can be awarded per year/per applicant.

The closing date for applications is 19 December 2021 (this has been extended from our original deadline of 19 November 2021).

How to apply

Please fully read the application guidelines and instructions before submitting the application form for the grant you wish to apply for.

Strengthening Communities Fund

Protecting Communities Fund

Youth Fund


A second webinar will be running on 7 December 2021 between 18:00-19:00 to discuss our available funds, advice for grant applications, and also allow for any questions. To attend this webinar please join online

A previous webinar was held for prospective applicants on the 2 November 2021 at 2pm.

View the recorded webinar.