Voluntary organisations contract training

We have produced training and information modules and factsheets about our contract processes to help voluntary organisations when bidding for contracts with the council.

The topics have been based on feedback we have received through discussions with organisations and a short survey run in August 2018.

This is an ongoing project and the modules and factsheets will be updated and added to from time to time. If you have any comments or recommendations for future modules and factsheets, please e-mail grants@southampton.gov.uk.

Introduction to procurement

This module explains why the council uses procurement to commission goods and services and gives an overview of the types of contracts we commonly use.

Jargon buster

This module provides definitions to frequently occurring contract terms and acronyms.

Tender pack documents (single stage tender)

This module has a breakdown and explanation of the documents included in a typical single stage tender pack.

The Commissioning Cycle

This module discusses the typical timescales bidders can expect when undertaking the tender process. These include the engagement stage, tender stage and ultimately the mobilisation stage. This module does not include contract specific nor fixed timescales, these will be provided in a contract’s Invitation to Tender document (provided in a contract’s tender pack).