UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) Grant

The UKSPF is a government scheme aiming to:

  • Boost productivity, pay, jobs and living standards by growing the private sector, especially in those places where they are lagging
  • Spread opportunities and improve public services, especially in those places where they are weakest
  • Restore a sense of community, local pride and belonging, especially in those places where they have been lost
  • Empower local leaders and communities, especially in those places lacking local agency

As part of Southampton’s UKSPF project, £40,000 has been allocated to a grant round to help achieve improvements in Community and Place:

"Strengthening our social fabric and fostering a sense of local pride and belonging, through investment in activities that enhance physical, cultural and social ties and amenities, such as community infrastructure and local green space, and community-led projects."

We are seeking at least sixteen organisations/projects for this grant round, with a maximum grant award of £2,500 each.

The primary goal of the UKSPF is to build pride in place and increase life chances across the UK. 

The Fund is intended to help communities across the country, support people living or working in the UK, citizens with permission to work here, and help businesses operating in the UK. Any organisation with legal status can receive funding to deliver a UKSPF intervention, including arms-length bodies of government where appropriate.

Full details can be found here: UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

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