Bitterne Manor (Clausentum)

Bitterne Manor is an informal local park on the site of the original Roman settlement. It has an area of woodland and grass, with access to one of the few remaining natural River Itchen foreshores in the city. Formerly part of Bitterne Manor House and on the site of Clausentum the original Roman settlement. The park at the end of Vespasian Road has a car park and picnic benches with disposable barbecue plates and is a pleasant spot to sit and watch the river in some peace and quiet from the traffic of Bitterne Road West.

It was made fully accessible in 2013.

In recent years the park has become run down and the city council now has made some improvements. The goal was to improve the park for current users and to encourage new people to use and enjoy it.

After wide consultation and taking feedback into account we have honed the design for the park to make it accessible, to provide picnicking and barbecue facilities, informal play and parking, while still encouraging biodiversity and respecting the archaeology. An archaeological report has been commissioned for the site.


Bitterne Manor (Clausentum)
Vespasian Road
SO18 1AX


  • Informal play area
  • Managed for wildlife
  • Heritage interest
  • Access to foreshore
  • Car parking
  • Barbecue friendly picnic area