Park management plans

You will find copies of the parks management plans available to download below.

Document Type Size
Map of Parks and Open Spaces city-widepdf311.6 KB
Bitterne Manor Concept Master Planpdf717.6 KB
Bitterne Manor Park Archaeology Assessmentpdf3.6 MB
Map of Bitterne Manorpdf107.0 KB
Central Parks Management Plan 2024-2029pdf1.9 MB
Deep Dene Management Plan 2010-15pdf1.1 MB
Frogs Copse Management Plan 2022-2026pdf1.3 MB
Green Flag Park Management Principles 2024pdf1.4 MB
Hinkler Green Management Plan 2010pdf2.0 MB
Hinkler Green Management Plan Update 2013pdf80.1 KB
Mansel Park Management Plan 2010pdf2.1 MB
Mansel Park Update to Management Plan 2012pdf31.6 KB
Mayfield Park Management Plan 2010pdf6.3 MB
Mayfield Park Update to Management Plan 2012pdf29.3 KB
Mayfield Park Updated Management Plan 2013pdf2.5 MB
Miller's Pond LNR Boundarypdf6.2 MB
Miller's Pond LNR Declarationpdf333.2 KB
Miller's Pond LNR Notice 1pdf326.7 KB
Portswood Rec Management Plan 2024-2029pdf1.5 MB
Queens Park Historic Images and Planspdf431.1 KB
Queens Park Historic Site Photos 1795-1900pdf496.9 KB
Queens Park Historic Site Photos 1905-1930pdf130.3 KB
Riverside park Management Plan 2021-2026pdf2.6 MB
Riverside Park Mappdf1.8 MB
St James Park Management Plan 2020pdf1.8 MB
Town Quay Park Management Plan 2024-2029pdf2.1 MB
A guide to The Common management planpdf11.4 MB
Original 20 year plan for The Commonpdf9.5 MB
Weston Shore Management Plan 2010pdf8.4 MB
Weston Shore Update to Management Plan 2012pdf20.2 KB