Supporting documents


Location plan, block plans and site plans can be obtained online via the Planning Portal - Buy a plan.


National and Local Validation checklists - Validation checklists for planning applications National and Local Requirements.


A notice must be completed and served to all owners of the application site.

Householder Applications - If you are submitting a household application in England you need to use the Household Development Notice.

Non-householder Applications - For all other applications, Notice 1 is to be printed and served to owners if Certificate B or C is completed. Download Notice 1 for applications in England.

Where the owner is unknown the Notice to Unknown Owners, Notice 2, is for publication in a local newspaper if Certificate C or D is completed. Download Notice 2 for applications in England. A copy of the notice must also be sent with the application to the local authority.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

All planning applications must provide sufficient information to allow the city council to determine whether the development is liable to pay the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). Applicants are therefore required to complete the CIL Additional Information Form which must be submitted with their application(s). Guidance notes are also available.

Developer Contributions (known as a Section 106 legal agreement)

Sometimes planning permission for new developments will include obligations to help support local community services and facilities, secure on site provisions such as affordable housing and to mitigate a development’s impact. These are negotiated between the developer, the council or other parties and are secured through a Section 106 or unilateral undertaking.

Solent Disturbance and Mitigation Project

All applications for planning permission or prior approval for new residential development across the city received after Monday 7 July 2014 will need to provide a means of mitigating the development’s impact upon the ecological importance of the Special Protection Areas within and around the Solent. More information on the Solent Disturbance and Mitigation Project