Planning and Rights of Way Panel

The majority of planning applications are dealt with by senior planning officers under powers granted to them under the council’s scheme of delegation. However certain types of applications, around 10%, are determined by the Planning and Rights of Way Panel (PROW). These include major or complex applications, controversial applications or those that have a lot of objectors.

Please be aware the Planning and Rights of Way Panel was broken up into East and West and has now reverted back to one meeting for proposed city wide developments.

The Panel is made up of elected members of the council who also have delegated powers to make decisions regarding planning permission. They meet normally every three weeks at the Civic Centre on a Tuesday at 6pm. You can view the agenda, minutes, reports and decisions of meetings 

Members of the public are invited to attend meetings of the Planning and Rights of Way Panel but should be aware of the protocol required for dealing with these types of applications:

Further details of when an application will be determined by the Planning & Rights of Panel can be found in the officer’s current scheme of delegation.