Information on RAAC

The Council is aware of the issue of RAAC (Reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete) and initially surveyed schools in 2019. This summer, the Department for Education (DfE) has changed their guidance to expand the areas to be surveyed for RAAC. As a result, the DfE has contacted all local authorities to undertake inspections of their school buildings. The council are working closely with them to identify and isolate any RAAC in the school buildings.

The DfE have also released a list of schools to the Council detailing those that require investigation to detect the presence of RAAC, many simply because of the methods used during construction. Schools have also been contacted and are aware of the situation.

We will continue to work with the DfE to minimise the impact on learning and if there are any schools identified with RAAC, we will put mitigations in place to deal with this. Until such time all inspections have been completed, we are unable to provide further information.

The safety of the children and staff is our priority, which is why we continue to work proactively to monitor all buildings closely and to identify any RAAC in the buildings. We will continue to work with schools closely for reassurance.

If you require information about your school, please contact them directly.