Preparing for school closures

What can I do to prepare for school closures?

  • Ensure your child's school has your current contact details
  • Ask your child's school how they will inform parents about school closures
  • Make sure you know your child's school website address
  • Make sure you have the web address of our school closures page to hand
  • Put emergency childcare arrangements in place, so that if the school closes, both you and your child know what will happen. Double checking these from time to time is a good idea

How can I prepare for severe weather?

The most common cause of enforced emergency school closure is bad weather.

Schools stay open when they can. However, they must have sufficient cover in the school, and be sure that the school site is safe for children and staff.

Some schools may open in the morning, but then close later in the day if the weather gets worse. They will also close if travel conditions worsen, so staff and pupils can get home safely.

Preparation tips:

  • Be aware of the weather forecasts
  • Ensure childcare arrangements are in place if the school closes for the whole day
  • Know what you will do if the school closes part-way through the day. Make sure your child knows what to do
  • Make sure your child wears a warm coat, waterproof shoes or Wellington boots, a hat, scarf and gloves to school
  • Make sure your child has enough money to catch a bus, and their mobile phone is fully charged and has credit, where appropriate