Local Offer co-production in the city

Southampton City Council work in conjunction with Rose Road Association and Southampton Parent Carer Forum to actively co-produce local services and the extensive work that goes on around Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in Southampton.

  • Southampton Parent Carer Forum
  • SEND Local Offer/website development

Southampton Parent Carer Forum

Southampton Parent Carer Forum exists as a force for positive change. Our vision is for an accepting and empathetic wider community where the daily challenges faced by parent carers are recognised and understood, and there is a shared commitment to overcome them. Lived experience can make all the difference – each of our families have something of value to contribute based on how they experience the world around them. Sharing isn’t something we expect from our families but if you do want to tell us what life is like for you, we are here to listen, learn and be open to different perspectives and ideas. We gather our learnings and form a strong, collective voice to inform our partnership working with public bodies to shape better services for us all. Amy Kendall is the Acting Chair for the forum, for any enquiries or more information: chair@sotonpcf.org.uk.

SEND Local Offer Development work

It was identified that the SEND Local Offer/website was not as user friendly/accessible and meaningful as it could be, therefore work started in June 2021 to look at how this can be adapted and updated to ensure the website meets the needs of our families in Southampton. Claire Pritchard took on the role of SEND Local Offer Development Officer in June 2021 and is taking this work forward. View the Southampton SEND Local Offer Facebook page.

The new SEND Local Offer website is now live and we would love to hear what you think? If you can spare a few minutes to take a look at the website and share your thoughts, it would be greatly appreciated. You can forward feedback and comments to clairepritchard@roseroad.org.uk.

Meet the team

Claire Pritchard – SEND Local Offer Development Officer

Claire Pritchard


So, I'm mum to a wonderful young man with Aspergers and ADHD. I started my career in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities by volunteering with Southampton SENDIASS supporting fellow parent/carers with their children's' educational needs. This role then led to me taking on a paid role with Rose Road Association and establishing the Southampton Parent Carer Forum. I'm currently the SEND Local Offer Development Officer and working in conjunction with Southampton City Council to develop and re-design the SEND Local Offer/website.

Volunteering gave me my confidence back, gave me vital peer support from other parent/carers and helped me get back into the working world.

I've learnt so much about SEND and the services/groups in the local area and gained so many amazing friends throughout this journey.