0-25 service – Special Educational Needs team

The 0-25 service offers additional help for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). This can be due to:

  • Physical disability
  • Speech, sight, or hearing problems
  • Learning, emotional, or behavioural difficulties
  • Medical or health problems

A child playing a board game

Who can get support?

A child is said to experience Special Education Needs (SEN) if he or she finds it more difficult to learn than other children of the same age.

For about one in five children the difficulty will only be temporary and overcome by extra help. For example, the child may have difficulties with reading, writing, speaking or maths work.

In some cases, the difficulty may be longer term. In these cases, it is sometimes necessary to complete a statutory assessment, which may result in the child receiving an Education, Health and Care plan.

Why contact the 0-25 service?

You may wish to contact the service for a few different reasons:

1 You might want some information about services and support in Southampton SHOW

2 You might want to request some support SHOW

3 You or your young person might need an assessment SHOW

What can the 0-25 service do?

The service will support families with a child or children with special educational needs and disabilities from their first point of contact with the council. It looks to help find the support they need either directly or through the assessment processes which may be required to establish the level of their needs. They will continue to support them and review those needs while they receive the service and support agreed.

The service will make it clear which services families can access for themselves and which will require an assessment of their child/children’s needs.

The service funds an impartial ‘Information, Advice and Support’ service called SENDIASS. This works alongside families to help them find the support that best meets their needs, no matter which organisation in the city provides it.