Services for schools: Insurance and Risk Management – Money, motor, travel and engineering

The following services are provided by the council’s Risk and Insurance Services section as part of this SLA:

  • Access to an experienced in-house team who take pride in delivering a professional and approachable service that provides both helpful and pragmatic advice, support and guidance on all risk and insurance related matters
  • A responsive and reliable service that operates the following service standards:
    • General claims correspondence - within five working days
    • New claims - Set up and acknowledged - within two working days
    • Telephone calls - returned within one working day
  • Access to a dedicated ‘Insurance for Schools’ intranet page that provides all relevant insurance information and including a suite of best practice ‘RMI Guides’ covering a range of risk and insurance issues specific to schools, such as: school journeys, volunteers, minibuses, money on school sites, hire of premises, etc. The information is also available via the Schools Extranet
  • Access to specialist technical risk and insurance information, advice and guidance through either insurers or the council’s insurance brokers
  • Provision of an appropriate and cost effective insurance programme developed in consultation with the council’s appointed Insurance Brokers
  • Provision of a comprehensive and supportive insurance claims handling service in respect of claims that a school may need to make following loss or damage to property or claims in respect of other perils covered under the insurance programme
  • Co-ordination of the claims process on behalf of schools including communication with claims handlers, insurers, loss adjusters and other internal service areas
  • Appointment of external loss adjusters where required, which is provided at no additional cost and forms part of the overall claims handling service
  • Periodic tender of the insurance programme, in accordance with both EU procurement legislation and the council’s Contract Procedure Rules, in order to ensure that ‘best value’ is maintained
  • Placement of cover with external insurers including the negotiation of premium rates and policy terms together with completion of an annual insurance renewal declaration
  • The services specified are provided under the terms of and at the prices detailed in the Response Sheet.

For service options and further details, please refer to the full SLA.

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