Language information for parents

Starting a new school can be a challenging experience for any child, and even more so for English as an Additional Language (EAL) students and their parents. Here are some tips for EAL parents to support their child when starting a new school:

  • Communicate with the school: Reach out to the school before your child starts, introduce yourself and let them know that your child is an EAL student. Ask if there is any support that the school can provide, and if there are any EAL resources or programs that your child can participate in
  • Learn about the school: Do some research about the school, its policies and procedures, and the curriculum. This will help you to understand what your child will be learning and how they will be assessed
  • Prepare your child: Talk to your child about what to expect at their new school. Try to visit the school before their first day, so they can get familiar with the environment and meet their teacher
  • Practice English: Encourage your child to practice their English language skills by reading books, watching English language TV shows or movies, and talking with you in English. This will help them to feel more confident when they start school
  • Support homework and study: Help your child with their homework and provide a quiet, comfortable space for them to study. Encourage them to ask questions and seek help if they need it
  • Stay positive: Starting a new school can be overwhelming, but staying positive and optimistic will help your child to feel more confident and relaxed. Celebrate their successes and encourage them to keep trying, even if they make mistakes along the way
  • Attend school events: Try to attend school events and meetings so that you can meet other parents and get involved in your child's education. This will also help you to build relationships with your child's teachers and stay informed about their progress

By following these tips, EAL parents can help their child to have a positive and successful start at their new school.

Resources for parents of EAL students

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