Pupils with medical needs - Frequently asked questions

Please read our frequently asked questions below.

What might education look like for my child? SHOW

What is the difference between and Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and an Individual Healthcare Plan (IHP)? SHOW

Do I need both plans? An EHCP and an IHP? SHOW

What if my child’s school refuses to put an Individual Healthcare Plan in place? SHOW

My child cannot go to school because of their mental health, can they get outreach provision? SHOW

Who can refer my child? Can I? SHOW

How long will the provision last? How long can the support run for? SHOW

Can I apply for this provision instead of the school? SHOW

My school hasn’t done anything to support my child, what can I do? SHOW

What is the purpose of the outreach? SHOW

Will you be coming to our house? SHOW

How much will this cost? SHOW

Can I purchase the tutoring? SHOW

What if my child has an EHCP? SHOW

What are the age groups? SHOW

Will this be full time? SHOW

What happens if they don’t attend? SHOW

Will my child still have to go into school? SHOW

Can the one-to-one continue when they are in school? SHOW

What happens if I want to change schools? SHOW

How long does a referral take? SHOW

Can they still sit exams if they aren’t able to get into school? SHOW

What happens if the provision is ended at a three month review? SHOW

Which subjects will be covered in one-to-one sessions? SHOW

Will my child still receive offers of trips/prom etc from home school? SHOW

How will it affect their attendance rates at school? (This is especially a concern if they have had FPNs) SHOW

How do we communicate with schools? SHOW

Will the offer feed into EHCP application/process/review? SHOW

If my child deteriorates/has treatment/operation etc, and needs time out of the provision, can it be picked up again when they are ready? SHOW

What happens if I can’t get them out of their bedroom? SHOW

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