Itchen Bridge invoices and payments

Deferred payments

If you arrive at the Itchen Bridge toll and are unable to pay, you have the option to take a payment slip. This is called a deferred payment. It gives you seven days to pay the toll plus a £2 admin fee.

Paying a deferred payment: you will need to call the Itchen Bridge head office on 023 8043 1040 and have your registration number available to identify the payment.

Itchen Bridge invoices

An Itchen Bridge invoice is issued when someone has failed to pay the toll. Typically this is because they have used a bus lane, tailgated through the barrier or they did not pay their deferred payment in time.

Details are collected from DVLA and the registered keeper of the vehicle is sent an invoice for the missing payment plus a £15 admin fee.

Paying an invoice: Itchen Bridge invoices can be paid online.


Before you make a payment

You won't be able to save this form to complete later, so please allow yourself a couple of minutes to fill in the form.

You will need:

  • A payment card, Apple Pay or Google Pay*
  • Invoice number (which can be found at the top right or bottom right of the invoice)

Pay an invoice

Alternatively you can call the Itchen Bridge head office on 023 8043 1040 to pay the invoice.