Zone 19 guidance

Guidance and application form for Zone 19 (Cemetery Road) permits.


Subject to other conditions, permits are only available to business or employees whose place of work is on the Common or in the Old Cemetery.

  • For a passenger vehicle, adapted to carry not more than 8 passengers excluding the driver (not drawing a trailer) and no more than 5 metres in length
  • For a goods vehicle of up to 3.5 tonnes maximum gross weight (not drawing a trailer)
  • For a motorcycle with fewer than 3 wheels of which the weight un-laden does not exceed 410 kilograms

Use of permits

Permits for Cemetery Road can only be used within the parking bays designated for Cemetery Road and the issue of a permit for Cemetery Road does not guarantee a parking bay.


Zone 19 Cemetery Road Permit (annual – £13).

Further guidance

Residents' permit document guidance states the evidence you will need to provide with your permit application.


Apply for a Zone 19 Cemetery Road permit