Apply for a new residents' permit

To apply for a parking permit, you will need:

You will need:

  • To check you are eligible for a parking permit by reading the permit eligibility guidance
  • To check which zone your property is eligible for. Please note, not all properties within a resident parking zone will be eligible for a parking permit
  • Proof of residence, showing your full name and address for where the parking permit is needed
  • Copy of the front of the V5 (V5C) document or Proof of Ownership, showing your name and the address for which you are applying for the parking permit
  • Credit or debit card to pay for the parking permit. Charges can be found below
  • If possible, a printer to print your three week temporary permit

If you’re unsure on what type of proofs to provide, find out more about the types of documents we accept. Please note we currently do not accept PDF versions of documents.

Remember: If you still need to register the vehicle at the address where the parking permit is needed, or the V5 (V5C) is currently being processed with DVLA, you will only be able to apply for a temporary residents' parking permit until you receive the vehicle's new V5C from the DVLA.

Charges for resident and temporary residents' parking permits

Zone number First permit (12 months) Second permit (12 Months) Temporary permit
Zone 1-12 £30 £30 £15
Zone 13-14 Free Free Free
Zone 15-16 £30 £30 £15
Zone 17 £100 Not eligible £15
Zone 18 £60 Not eligible £15
Zone 20-22 £100 Not eligible £12.50
Zone 23 £60 Not eligible £15
Zone 26-27 £30 £30 £15

If you are a city centre resident or anyone wishing to park in the city centre on a regular basis, you may benefit from buying a season ticket to get cheaper parking. Please see the guidance on the different options, charges and on how to apply for City Centre season tickets.

For all other Zones, you can apply using the online form below:

Apply for a residents' parking permit

What happens next?

Once your online application is submitted and paid for, you can print a three week temporary permit to display in your vehicle while your annual permit is being processed.

We aim to process your application within two working days of your request. Once we have processed your application, you should receive your permit in the post within seven working days.

Remember: If we ask you for more information, you need to respond within three months or your application will be closed and you will not be refunded.

If you need to apply in person, downloadable application forms are available. You will need to book an appointment by calling our team at Gateway.

Using your parking permit

You will only be able to park in the zone you have been issued on your permit. You can check your zone boundary and restriction times using the zone map.

Please make sure you also check the roadside plates when you park to check when restrictions are in force.

Find more information on how to use your parking permit on our website.

A Residents’ Parking permit only applies to the vehicle whose registration number appears on that permit.

I’ve lost my parking permit, how do I replace it?

Replacing a parking permit will cost £14 and can be done by visiting Gateway.

I no longer need my parking permit, what do I need to do?

If you are moving out of your property or simply wish to cancel your parking permit, you will need to let us know by either:

  • By post: you will need to include a written request to cancel along with your old parking permit and post it to Parking Services, Southampton City Council, PO Box 1098, Southampton, SO14 7WE.
  • At Gateway: you will need to bring in your old parking permit with you.

Remember: If you wish to re-apply for a parking permit, you will need to wait until the old one has been cancelled before applying for a new one.

Refunds will no longer be offered on the permit charge for permits issued after 1 June 2018. The permit charge is to cover the administration costs of issuing the permit and maintaining the zone.

Misuse of a parking permit is fraud. We will investigate all reports of the misuse of permits.


Section 115 of the Road Traffic Regulations Act, 1984

Provides penalties for any person who makes a false statement to obtain a permit or with intent to deceive, forges, or alters, or uses, or lends to, or allows to be used, or has in their possession any document so closely resembling any such permit as to be calculated to deceive.