View evidence or challenge a parking fine

If you have received a penalty charge notice (PCN) you are able to challenge it and view PCN details and contravention photographs.

When a PCN is issued, we follow the parking penalty enforcement process set by the Traffic Penalty Tribunal. This is followed as a national standard by local authorities in England and Wales.

If you feel that the PCN was issued incorrectly, you may see the details, evidence and make an informal challenge against it within 28 days of being served the PCN. If you do this within 14 days, the fine will remain at the discounted rate whilst we consider your challenge.

You will need:

  • Your penalty charge notice number, found at the top of your PCN
  • Contravention code (this will be a two digit code)
  • Any supporting evidence to go with your challenge e.g. pay and display ticket or hospital appointment letter

Challenge a parking fine

What happens next?

We review each challenge on a case-by-case basis and will respond as soon as possible with the outcome. The PCN will be placed on hold while we review the case. Due to the volume of informal challenges received, it may take up to 10 weeks before a response is sent.

If the informal challenge is unsuccessful and you wish to make a further appeal rather than paying at this stage, the registered owner/keeper of the vehicle will be sent a Notice to Owner (NtO) at the address given on the V5C. You will need to wait for this letter before you can make a further appeal called a 'formal representation'.

If the formal representation is unsuccessful, the registered owner/keeper may refer the case to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal for independent adjudication. Alternatively, you will have a further 28 days to pay at the full amount.

If you are unable to submit your challenge in writing or by email, or have any further enquiries, please contact parking services for assistance. Please quote your penalty charge notice number, your vehicle registration and make, and your full name and address when contacting us.

I'm not responsible for the vehicle, how do I change this?

The owner is presumed to be the registered keeper unless proven otherwise. If we do not receive enough payment nor a successful informal challenge, we will check with the DVLA to see who was registered as keeper of the vehicle on the date the PCN was served. They will be the person that receives the Notice to Owner.

If you believe the responsibility for paying the outstanding amount is with someone else, you will need to make a formal representation and provide the following evidence:

Evidence required:

If you were no longer the registered keeper before the contravention occurred SHOW

If you became the registered keeper after the contravention occurred SHOW

If the vehicle was stolen before the contravention occurred SHOW

If you are a vehicle hire company SHOW

Make a formal representation

Remember: You must let us know as soon as possible if this is the case because if you do not pay the penalty charge or make this known before the end of the 28 day period mentioned above, we may increase the charge by 50% and take steps to enforce payment.

If you are no longer the registered keeper, we would also recommend that you contact DVLA as soon as possible to let them know.