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The UK education system

To assist parents we have produced advice on the UK education system which has also been translated into Romanian, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Dari and Punjabi.

Frequently asked questions

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My child attends a link school. Will they get a place at the next school automatically? SHOW

My child attends a pre-school or nursery that is on the site of the school or is part of the school, will I be offered a place at the school? SHOW

Am I guaranteed a place at my catchment school? SHOW

My child has already started school but I need to move them to another school, what do I need to do? SHOW

What if I'm not living in the Southampton city boundary in time for the application deadline? SHOW

My child lives between two addresses, which do I use? SHOW

How are applications processed? SHOW

Why should I include three preferences on my application? SHOW