School applications FAQs

This page contains the most frequently asked questions we receive about school applications.

What happens if I miss the deadline? SHOW

I want to make a change to my application SHOW

My child attends a link school. Will they get a place at the next school automatically? SHOW

My child attends a pre-school or nursery that is on the site of the school or is part of the school, will I be offered a place at the school? SHOW

Am I guaranteed a place at my catchment school? SHOW

My child has already started school but I need to move them to another school, what do I need to do? SHOW

What if I'm not living in the Southampton city boundary in time for the application deadline? SHOW

My child lives between two addresses, which do I use? SHOW

How are applications processed? SHOW

Why should I include three preferences on my application? SHOW