Backdates and late claims

In most cases your claim will start from the Monday following the date we get your form, or the date you move in however, you can ask us to start your claim from an earlier date; this is called a backdate.

If you are working age, we can backdate your claim up to

  • One month for Housing Benefit
  • 28 days for Council Tax Benefit

Your claim will only be backdated if 'good cause' is demonstrated, this means you had a good reason for not being able to make your claim from an earlier date.

You can ask for a backdate after your claim has been put into payment, you must do it within one month for Housing Benefit claims and 28 days for Council Tax Reduction claims.

If you are pensionable age

If you are of pensionable age we can backdate both Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction for up to three months. There is no requirement to provide 'good cause' for the delay in your claim.

To qualify for the take on period

  • You and your partner must have been of pensionable age for the three months
  • You must have been liable for rent or Council Tax for the three months