Bins left out on pavements

On collection day we ask residents to put their bins out before 6.30am and to return bins to their property by the end of the day (11.59pm) on collection day, unless advised otherwise by the council.

This is because bins left on the pavement can:

  • Obstruct the path for people with wheelchairs, mobility scooters and prams
  • Present danger for people with impaired vision or mobility problems
  • Lead to vandalism, fly-tipping and littering
  • Get blown in the wind and damage vehicles or other property

We understand there may be certain circumstances when residents are unable to put their bins away promptly.

If you are experiencing a problem with bins regularly being left out on the pavement and causing an obstruction, please speak to your neighbour first.

More often than not, the person or business is not aware that they are creating a problem for others. We would encourage you to speak to your neighbour directly if problems arise. We appreciate that this is not always possible or you may have tried but the problem has continued. If you cannot resolve the matter, we might be able to help.

Please note: we will be unable to investigate one-off incidents.

What happens next?

Where we find that people are able to store their bins off the pavement and continue to leave them out, we may:

  • Visit the property to discuss the reasons why bins are being left out and identify solutions
  • Write to properties if we are unable to visit in person
  • Take further action for incorrectly presenting waste in accordance with Section 46
  • As a last resort we may remove wheelie bins and/or review the way waste and recycling is presented for collection

If you notice bins continuously left out and causing an obstruction, you can let us know here:


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