Bin information for developers

All new residential developments must be provided with suitable and appropriate storage areas and capacity for domestic, refuse and recyclable waste which is convenient for both residents and collection crews.

It is highly recommended that developers consult the Residential Design Guide (RDG) on the provision of, and access to, waste storage facilities at the initial planning stage to avoid future problems. The information below is to assist developers to estimate what waste and recycling storage requirements are suitable for the needs of the development.

It also sets out the specifications relating to bin storage and location that Southampton City Council expects to see included in planning.

Our responsibility

Southampton strives to be a green and clean city in order to ensure it is an attractive and modern city, where people are proud to live and work. Southampton City Council carries out educational activity to minimise the volume of waste placed out for collection and maximise recycling. There should be an opportunity for consultation between developers and the council on the design of any new development with regard to waste and recycling facilities and access. Through consultation, we can ensure that any facilities are compatible with the collection systems operated by the council and its contractors both now and in the future.

Your responsibility as a developer

Your responsibility is to ensure that all premises have adequate storage space to contain waste and recyclable material, that consideration is made as to collection points and easy access for collection vehicles can be maintained. Storage space is dependent on the size of the development and property type, as detailed in the RDG.

Please note that it is the developer's responsibility to provide and pay for the appropriate type and number of bins required to enable residents to present their waste for collection. Bins can be ordered from Southampton City Council by emailing with your requirements. Please give three months notice before the date that bins are required.

The Waste Management Policy states all of the council's current policies regarding waste management.